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Check your email and follow the instructions


Verify your identity to participate in the Elementh token sale
Please, prepare the following documents for KYC, you have only 30 mins to end your KYC after you click the button:

Proof of Identity:
You can send us these type of documents scanned or photographed from both sides:
– International Passport,
– Driver license,
– ID card.

It is necessary to upload a selfie, a photo of you holding your ID document.

Proof of address:
Proof of residence. It may be one of these documents: Utility Bill, Bank statement, Credit card statement, Tax invoices, Other government issued residential statements/certificates. The document should contain the full user name and address.
Token balance:
Join whales pool!

Elementh ICO starts at April 01, however you can join right now to the pool, that will send funds to Elementh ICO as soon as it start.

Why do you need it?
1. You'll not be late to Elementh ICO because pool will send funds automatically at 00:00 UTC as soon as ICO will be started.
2. You'll get 30% early bird bonus for sure, because pool will be the first participant in Elementh ICO.
3. Pool's smart contract is 100% refundable, so you don't risk at all. You can send your ETH to the pool's smart contract and get them back by refund at any moment till the start of Elementh ICO at April 01 00:00 UTC.

So the pool helps to avoid the moment when you involve in gas wars and can be too late to participate in ICO, because hard cap is already reached. So be sure, that you will not late to Elementhb ICO and send funds to pool's smart contract right now:

smart contract address:

Information about Elementh ICO
Dates: 01.04-30.04
ICO Supply: 195M EEE
SoftCap: 10,000 ETH
HardCap: 30,000 ETH


I would like to purchase tokens equal to
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Welcome to Elementh Bounty Campaign!

Learn all information about Elementh Bounty Campaign here -

To participate in Elementh Bounty Campaign you need to:

Join Elementh Community on Telegram Join Elementh Bounty Campaign Telegram


Welcome to Elementh Airdrop!

To join Elementh Airdrop you need to:
1. Click "Join Elementh Airdrop on Telegram" button.
2. Click "Start" button on Elementh verification Telegram bot.
3. Click Elementh Telegram Community link and join us on Telegram.

Join Elementh Airdrop on Telegram

You can participate in Elementh Airdrop until the end of Elementh ICO.

Check your Airdrop status

Congratulations! Now you are a participant of Elementh Airdrop Campaign!
Earn 1 extra stake for each of your referrals!
You can increase your the number of your tokens by total of 20x by adding 19 more referrals. They have to join Elementh Airdrop and participate untill the end of Airdrop.
Fake users and fraud attempts is strictly prohibited. Posting your referral link in our Telegram Community is not allowed. You may lose your entire airdrop tokens if you are found to have engaged in any fraudulent behaviour.
Here is your unique referral link, you can use it or use the social buttons to share:

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Now you have stake(s) including yourself. You can still make more referrals!
Currently, you are not a participant of Elementh Airdrop, to participate you need to:
Join Elementh Community by clicking "Join Elementh Airdrop on Telegram"
Verify your Telegram ID
Fill your Ethereum wallet address


Welcome to Elementh Referral Program!

You can earn ETH/BTC by attracting more contributors using your unique referral link.
You'll receive 5% of your referrals purchase amount in ETH/BTC after the end of ICO.

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