To Create Decentralized And Centralized Applications Based On The Elementh Blockchain.

A Blockchain For

E-Commerce Market!

The blockchain that is meant to grab markets and help you do business comfortably is right here where you want it. By understanding the current requirements of the E-commerce market, our technology can cater to a broader audience. Related Post: Buy Bitcoin

The Blockchain Network

A Traceable Supply Chain

Being traceable helps you understand the bear roots, acknowledging the line that began everything.

Blockchain Builds Trust

With well-equipped security and granted safety, you can be assured of taking our hand during times of difficulty.

Consortium blockchains

A group that is brought forward by the intellect to grant qualified services to help your business grow and expand.

Defining Digital Trust

Globalising demands by defining trusts to help both your business and our business to lead the path for efficiency.


Distributed Ledger Technology

A ledger technology that is well aimed to lead in the path of safety by giving you all that you need.


Smart Contracts

Providing the benefit of contracts that are pioneered to help people in ways that end up being advantageous.


Start Up

Filled with young potential and heart, we are a startup that is ready to face and complete all kinds of challenges.

Digital Currency Market Analysis

Track Every Move Of The Digital Currency

Get hold of every move and step that is needed to globalise standards and make matters unique.


“A formative group like Elementh is needed to make aspects progressive and instil a sense of interest in the future.”

Louise D. Morris

Transparent technology

A technology, well informed of the matters of security, is capable of taking you to the right destination.

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How to Create “Friend Lists”  and Protect Your Privacy on Facebook

How to Create “Friend Lists” and Protect Your Privacy on Facebook

Facebook makes it easy to segment your groups of friends and control what select people are able to see by making Friend Lists and changing your Privacy Settings. Creating Friend Lists: If you’re in Canada, use a VPN Canada, and log in to Facebook. Go to the Friends section on the top navigation bar of the page. On the left hand side of the Friends page is a section called “Friend Lists.” A button in that bar says “Make a New List.” Click on that button. You will be prompted to pick a short name for your list. For example, I named a list “Work Friends.” Once your list has been added, you can add your Friends to the list in two ways: New Friends can be added to Lists when accepting a Friend Request. As you accept that request, there will be an “Add to Group” option in blue writing below their name on the Friend Request box. To add existing Friends go to the “Friends” page and select your Friend List. At the top, an option called “Add to List” is next to a text box. Type the name in the box and add them to the list that you’re currently viewing. Friend lists are useful for more than simply controlling your privacy settings. One your friends are grouped, you can message them and view them as a list. It makes planning parties and sending invites simple since you’re not sorting through all of your Friends. Changing Privacy settings Now that your lists have been created and your Friends are segmented, change your privacy settings in order to control what specific groups of friends can view and access on your Facebook profile. Select “Settings” on the top navigation bar next your name and select “Privacy Settings” from the drop-down menu. In Privacy Settings, select “Profile.” Select “Personal Info” and from the drop-down list select “Customize” In the “Who Can See This?” pop up box, type the name of your Friend List under “Except These People” and select it. This will prevent everyone on your Friend List from viewing your Personal Info. You can also add individuals who are not on any of your Friend Lists. If you’d like to change this later, you can go to “Edit Custom Settings.” Repeat this step in as many boxes as desired. Consider focusing on photos and your Wall if you’re controlling what people connected to you through work can see/write in order to remove the risk of another person tagging or posting something on your profile that is of questionable appropriateness. Note: Checking that Friend Lists can’t see photos tagged of you means they can’t see photos that others tag of you. It does not limit their ability to see photos that you’ve uploaded to your own profile. Save your changes at the bottom of the page before exiting Profile Privacy. Under Privacy Settings, you can control how Facebook shares changes to your personal profile. If you don’t want your Friends to see if you’ve added a Friend or changed your relationship status, uncheck the box next to that option. Be sure to save your changes.
Ways Blockchain is Transforming eCommerce

Ways Blockchain is Transforming eCommerce

The eCommerce space has witnessed some of its fair share of the transactions which evolves at its space. There are many alterations that are taking place, which can allow one to become some of the best sectors in the 21st century. The answer is relatively simple, which is blockchain. Blockchain has been enjoying some of the best it has seen when it comes to finances. There is a recent report which states that the global blockchain market is going to see a surge of 400% by the year 2021. With blockchain becoming a part of everyday life, it is easier to see the possibilities of the finances. The e-commerce industry is one on its path to disrupt e-commerce. The blockchain technology in the industry has ignited the shift to decentralised economy.

Payment methods will get revamped

Blockchain has witnessed its first implementation in the currencies as the right technology is powering it. Cryptocurrencies are now being utilised to help understand the alternate traditional currencies. There is a shift which one can utilise as it can bring cryptocurrencies into the right advantage over the conventional benefits. The decentralised, identity protected, freedom transactions, ease of use are some of the most significant advantages where the customer and merchant can benefit.

Improve supply chain management

Supply chain management is one of the most pressing concerns as every e-commerce business can build within itself. Blockchain implementation in the sector is something that people like to solve. The blockchain can easily leverage and solve the supply chain, which can allow one to get the right issue sorted. It is important that you have tracked the right products, which can be less corruptible and can also have a decentralised base. Having a decentralised base has its advantages as it provides tracking, cost reduction, inventory management, etc.

A transparent e-commerce marketplace

There has been a recent backlash which has allowed one to understand the right retailers who have been facing the charges of lack of transparency. There are many serious concerns which is faced when it comes to the existence of e-commerce platforms. Amazon was in the news for cutting-off a disabled merchant’s page without having the right explanation. There is a lot of blockchain technology in the e-commerce market place, which would allow one to get the right environment. With transparency, it becomes easier to conduct the transactions in an effortless manner.



Blockchain is easily one of the most secure platforms out there. It uses distributed ledger technology which offers excellent security for online platforms. This is one of the ideal solutions for e-commerce which can allow you to stay away from security breaches and other blockchain-powered networks. There are other upsides to the technology which is based on blockchain currencies and has personally identifiable information.