Elementh is a blockchain infrastructure designed for e-commerce market!

Elementh provides all participants of e-commerce with real-time and historical data on stock inventory and price. It also allows to create various applications based on the Elementh blockchain.

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Not a single warrior is able to win a war on his own. That’s why we work with the e-commerce top companies and partner with them. For example, partnership of Elementh with SAP Hybris opens doors to the biggest retailers all over the world.

Engage, simplify and innovate

Electronic trading platform

Legal Partner

Blockchain rewards and loyalty platform


Since 2013 our project have got a great number of various rewards for IT startups and companies in the e-commerce market.

Startup of the year 2013 from Higher School of Economics

In 2013 Miiix won the title of the best Internet startup of the year according to the Higher School of Economics.

IT-Startup Eurasia

The Miiix project from the Northern Capital took first place in the IT-Startup EURASIA 2013.


Miiix is one of the winners of CloudsNN-2013!


Transition to the blockchain technology with introduction of opensource project Elementh.


Web Ready was one of the biggest business-integrators.


International Assembly of Business Angels.

VC Day Ingria

Investment session VC DAY INGRIA it 2016.

Zvorykin Prize

National Innovation Award for Young Scientists and Specialists.


Here you can take a look at our MVP. It includes:

  • database with over 1M goods from several product categories;
  • product api in the format of search for products from our database;
  • product restful api which can be used by different e-commerce businesses: from online stores to marketplaces (in particular, api documentation is given, you can connect to product api right now);
  • you can take a look at a chain of transfer of ownership of a certain product;
  • any business can upload a price list into our system, all of the system participants will see it in the restful api.


We know exactly how to get to the Moon, and we want to take along as many travelers as possible.


MIIIX company establishment


Investments from RSV Venture Partners and business angels


Number of product categories is 1000


In the MIIIX database there are 70 mln SKU in 30,000 product categories, 1000 shops from different industries, clients from small shops to the largest portals in the field of e-commerce (Sberbank AST)


The transition to the blockchain technology with introduction of opensource project Elementh

January 2018

Pre-SALE (15.01 - 31.01)

  • Only whitelist;
  • Min. 10ETH or 1BTC;
  • Max. 100 purchasers.

February 2018

Pre-ICO (01.02 - 14.02)

  • 1EEE = 0.0001ETH;
  • Min. 1ETH or 0.1BTC;
  • Max. 1000 purchasers.

March 2018

Pre-FUND (15.02 - 31.03)

  • 1EEE = 0.0002ETH;
  • Pre-Fund BONUS: 30%

April 2018

ICO (01.04 - 30.04)

  • 1EEE = 0.0002ETH;
  • First day BONUS: 30%;
  • Second day BONUS: 15%

June 2018

Blockchain Basis Layer (Alpha)


August 2018

Blockchain Abstract Layer (v_0.1)


October 2018

Blockchain Abstract Layer (v_0.2)


December 2018

Wallets and Blockchain explorer (Release)

February 2019


March 2019

Master Nodes

March 2019



Team of the project consist of 17 members three of which are founders, they have been working together for years,which is a bright spot of the project. Founders have great experience in the field of e-commercewhich is the target field of Elementh project, their experience is not limited to Miiix, earlier, they had also developed a platform for vending unsaleable stocks from retailers and some other products.

Sergey Ryabov


Entrepreneur and people-oriented professional. Sergey has over 17 years of proven experience in starting and growing businesses. Successful at marketing and building high-performance executive teams and leading sophisticated platforms and service organizations with market penetration. A strategic visionary with a clear sense of purpose and urgency when faced with diverse situational challenges during periods of both declining sales and rapid growth. Founded in 2012, MiiiX received the Startup Award of the Year 2013 in Russia. In 2017 the project was integrated with SAP Hybris in order to help product matching in major global marketplaces and retailers. He loves discovering opportunities to improve the way things are done, then building products and services to make it happen. Always optimistic. Key interests: mixfight:)

Dmitriy Bereznitskiy


Evangelist of Agile methodology, Lean Startup and Theory of Constraints, the technical director and partner of Miiix and Smallhorse projects. His experience in commercial web development exceeds 15 years! Dmitriy devoted 10 years to e-commerce and 7 to managing development teams. By the same token...Did you know that he had a hand in attracting traffic to Amazon by developing a system of affiliated stores?

Vitaliy Mengeshev


Executive Director and Partner in Miiix (Elementh) project. Highly skilled, solution-driven ecommerce catalyst with over 15 years of extensive experience in business development, client relationship management, strategy, revenue optimization, project planning, management and training, conflict resolution and innovation. He is one of the best-known lecturers in IdealMachine and Skolkovo startup acceleration programs. Always looking to the future. Excited by new technology. Current key interests: bouldering, snowboard, wakeboard.

Kirillov Artem

Blockchain Developer and Architect

Meet our cryptogenius Kirillov Artem. He stood at the roots of the Hitbtc exchange development and was famous as the Director runing production operations in the largest Russian mining pool. As the blockchain pioneer he took part in different financial services working with crypto-currencies. Since his first step in Crypto, Artem held positions from СТО/CIO to Chief in retail businesses, state companies, services sector, manufacturing and start-ups. By the way, his total experience in IT is over 15 years and he holds MBA degree from Bode Graduate School of Business!

Aleksandr Vasilev

Data Scientist

Aleksandr is passionate about solving problems with data. He has impressive experience in developing systems for predictive analytics and data analysis. His outstanding solutions are implemented in such areas as insurance, banking and e-commerce. Aleksandr knows everything about the latest world best practices in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence, this is the secret of his fantastic job at matching products from various data sources. Power team builder and master collaborator.

Sergey Morozov

Blockchain Developer

He is real geek of blockchain technology! System architect and database administrator of various types, skilled professional in building highly loaded systems. His career in development started 10 years ago. During this time he was involved in the development of a large number of systems for data processing: from systems for the work of copywriters to financial accounting systems. Sergey was one of the leading developers of SAAS service, which audience exceeds millions of users!

Eugene Prigornitskiy

Go Developer

He spent 10 happy years working in commercial development. Eugene participated in the development of payment systems, ERP and mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). He also has extensive experience in building highly loaded real-time systems and database development. A longtime fan of winter sport, perfect snowboarder and skate lover.

Peter Gashitsky

UX/UI Designer

Peter is a man of art: experienced web and graphic designer, talented illustrator. His statement is «clean projects, clean design». Talks a lot and draws a lot. Prefers coffee. On his free time, he engaged in designing yachts and illustrating beer labels.

Alexander Kholodnykh

Backend Developer

Alexander has 9 years of commercial development background. Specialising in web crawling, processes automation, server tasks solving, as a member of the team he is responsible for searching spider development and finding information about goods and prices.

Lubov Bruk

PR manager

Publiс relation specialist, developed and executed public relations campaigns in banking, automobile business, strat-ups. With over 5 years of experience in advertising and communications.


Even the strongest team always needs to be evaluated from outside. And here the best advisors help us, providing different competences for the project: from development and legal cases to marketing and business development.

Naveen Yannam

Tech Advisor and early contributor

Naveen is a Certified Hybris 5 Core and Commerce Developer. He has extensive experience in using various frameworks and libraries to implement enterprise class applications. He’s also a keen proponent of Agile methodologies and has successfully exercised agile techniques into the projects which he was involved. Naveen feels comfortable in working as a Hybris Technical Lead, ideally in a project team developing large scale ecommerce systems with practising Continuous Integration and Delivery methodologies.

Proorocu Aurel George

Marketing Advisor

Aurel was in 2016 one of Financial Times "100 Faces of Innovation" due to his contribution to the development of the Internet market in Romania. He has over 14 years experience in the IT and Digital marketing field, working for Companies like Google Enterprise, Orange and Keyence. Aurel is also the youngest graduate of the Executive MBA program of Telecom Ecole de Management Paris (Institut Mines Telecom).

Ilya Anikin

Investment and Strategy Advisor

Serial entrepreneur with 17 years of experience. Managing and Investment director of VC Funds Sferiq Venture Capital Fund and Imperious Group, which have total invested more than $200 millions in more than 30 companies.
 8 years' professional investment banking experience. Carrying out a large number of investment deals, totalling more than $ 300 million.

Michael Averbach

Financial Advisor

20+ years in IT-business, serial enterpreneur, investor. Key expertise: creation of business structures, marketing and sales strategies, creation of mobile applications and mobile devices, electronic commerce and corporate software, as well as management of software development process. Co-founded Ectaco, Inc., (USA) – a leading developer of electronic translators and linguistic solutions, where was managing the sales network, comprised of 13 foreign sales offices and dozens of independent distributors around the world. Was the founder of MobiDealer, Inc, (USA), where managed creation of distributed ERP system software package. After successful launch of the system, the company was sold to a strategic investor. Co-founded DynoPlex, Inc., (USA). Grew the company from ground up to one of the largest developers of mobile applications. Successfully sold the company and transitioned to manage offshore development for the purchaser, Quickoffice, Inc. (USA), where managed work of two offshore centers for mobile application development, totalling 140 engineers. Company was subsequent sold to Google in 2012. After sale of Quickoffice, started a venture fund RSV Venture Partners and serves as a managing partner of startup-accelerator iDealMachine, where invests in companies at the very early stage.

Sergey Fradkov

Legal Advisor

Sergey Fradkov is an experienced software visionary and investor with extensive technical and business backgrounds. Mr. Fradkov is a founder of iDealMachine – an early stage venture fund and startup accelerator that operates in St. Petersburg, Russia and currently is expanding nationally and internationally. Prior to that, Mr. Fradkov was a founder of several high-tech startups. His most recent venture, DynoPlex, was sold to a competitor, Quickoffice, in 2008 and Quickoffice itself was acquired by Google in 2012. Prior to that Mr. Fradkov co-founded w-Trade, a pioneering Wireless Applications company, where he raised over $40Mln and built the product that was sold to large financial institutions, such as Merrill Lynch, Fidelity, Morgan Stanley and others. Overall, he has over 25 years of experience developing and designing distributed, wireless and ecommerce systems and managing large product development teams. Mr. Fradkov graduated from Jerusalem University.

meet us at

Nothing can replace face-to-face interaction, so we will be glad to meet you personally and tell you more about Elementh at different blockchain conferences. If you want, you can propose a convenient place and time for the meeting.


Singapore. Feb 4-6, 2018

#cryptoconference 2018

Almaty, Kazakhstan. Feb 16, 2018

The Leading Conference on Decentralization

Seoul, South Korea. Mar 3-6, 2018

The Token And Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Is Meeting In The Heart Of Asia

Hong Kong. Mar 20-22, 2018

Meetup with Elementh CEO

Shenzhen, China. Mar 23, 2018

Meetup with Elementh CEO

Guangzhou, China. Mar 24, 2018

The Leading Conference on Decentralization

Vilnius, Lithuania. Mar 26-27, 2018


If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact us directly.

Where are you incorporated?

Elementh is incorporated in Singapore.

What blockchain do you use?

For ICO we use Ethereum blockchain, but after ICO we'll develop our own blockchain Elementh and change ERC-20 tokens to Elementh tokens in Elementh blockchain.

Is your organization profit or non-profit?

Elementh Foundation is a non-profit organization.

How will your tokens be used?

They will be used for all operations in Elementh blockchain (like ETH in Ethereum blockchain and EOS in EOS blockchain).

Where can I check the Elementh token price?

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